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Our goal is to provide personalized, professional eye
care to assure healthy, comfortable vision. We will
work hard to earn your trust and earn the right to
provide you a lifetime of eye care. We do not profit
from the sales of eyeglasses or contacts—our only
interests are your eye health and good vision.
No matter what your vision or ocular condition, Dr. Kiernan & Associates is experienced
and equipped to provide you with professional, quality care. We offer the highest standard
of eye care for you and your family. Our services go far beyond writing a prescription.

You should never underestimate your visual health and the impact it can have on your
entire body. Here are five reasons to schedule your annual eye examination today:

  • Eye exams can detect signs of potentially blinding conditions, such as glaucoma, and
    early detection increases the chance of successful treatment.
  • Eye examinations often detect a number of other underlying health problems, such as
    high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • An examination checks whether corrective eyewear, like glasses or contacts, is
  • 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem.
  • Poor eyesight is dangerous. Make sure that you meet the legal requirement for driving.

Come in and see what you’ve been missing today!

Has your vision worsened over the last few years?
Need a check-up? Contact Dr. Kiernan &
Associates today for your comprehensive eye
exam. Don’t put it off another day! Take steps to
protect your vision now.
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