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Need a new prescription?
It is required that you renew your contact lens
prescription annually. If you do not have an updated
prescription, please schedule your eye examination
today. You will receive a free pair of trial lenses with
your eye exam.*

Have a valid prescription?
The Walmart Vision Center carries many brands in stock.
You can visit your Walmart Vision Center today to
purchase your contacts lenses or you can order online
or by phone from 1-800-CONTACTS.

Next-day shipping available!
Order your contacts from 1-800-CONTACTS and
you can recieve them the next day!

*Trial lenses will only be dispensed if your eyes are in good health.
Contact lenses are more comfortable and functional than ever. We offer expert fitting of all types of contact lenses, including patients with astigmatism and those needing bifocal correction. We offer the latest technology lenses that allow more oxygen to pass through than do traditional lenses, including lenses that can be worn continuously up to 30 nights. At the end of your exam, we’ll provide a free pair for you to try, to be sure they are comfortable and you can see well.

Color Your World
Ever considered colored contacts? Dr. Kiernan & Associates offers colored contacts in a wide variety of beautiful eye-enhancing shades. Colored contacts are available to those patients with or without visual impairment, although, because contact lenses are classified as a medical device by the FDA, they require an exam, fitting, and prescription from an eye care practitioner. Ask us about colored contacts today!

Has your vision worsened over the last few years?
Need a check-up? Contact Dr. Kiernan &
Associates today for your comprehensive eye
exam. Don’t put it off another day! Take steps to
protect your vision now.
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