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If you haven’t already heard, we would like to be the first to tell you about an exciting eyelash breakthrough! No longer do you have to settle for insufficient or inadequate eyelashes, otherwise medically known as hypotrichosis.

Dr. Kiernan’s office is now offering prescriptions for the hypotrichosis solution, LATISSE™. FDA-approved LATISSE™ is proven to not only make your eyelashes much longer, but also thicker and darker — in just 8 to 16 weeks! However, many patients see improvements within only 2 days of use.

Sound too good to be true? You can visit the LATISSE™ website at www.latisse.com to see amazing before and after pictures from the product’s spokeswoman, Brooke Shields. But for a more personal encounter, we invite you to come in and take a look at the transformed lashes of our own Dr. Kiernan — you won’t believe your eyes!

So, how can you try LATISSE™ for yourself? If you have had your eye exam with us within the last six months, Dr. Kiernan will be happy to prescribe LATISSE™ for you, if you are a candidate. If the last time you had your exam with us was more than 6 months ago, a new exam will allow Dr. Kiernan to decide if LATISSE™ is right for you.

Longer, fuller lashes are just an exam away! Contact us today to make an appointment.

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